Sequencer needs some additional settings to work properly.

By using Sequencer, users can see the list of bodies/neurons. It is also used for analyzing the neuron connections briefly. Click Sequencer button in the toolbar below or select <Tool>- <Open Sequencer> from Main menu. The window appears.

Body information

Body list: The list of all the bodies are shown in default.

#pre: Number of pre synapses on that body

#post: Number of post synapses on that body

Body filter: Filter the list of the result by any words or numbers in the columns

(Body ID, name, #pre, #post, or status)

Goto button: Selected bodies on the list will be sent to the main proofreading window.

Click on the body ID to select the body. Shift click to select multiple bodies.

Save color filter button: Refer “Color maps” in the next section.

Export bodies button:

Body Connections

Body connection window shows Pre/Post synapse connections on a body.

  1. Double click ‘#pre’ or ‘#post’ number in Body information list.

  2. All the Outputs or Inputs bodies and numbers will be listed in the lower-left side of the window.

  3. Double click “#” number in the list of Connections tab.

  4. All the location (x, y, z) will be listed in the lower-right side of the window.

  5. Double click “x”,”y” or “z” location on the list of Connections.

  6. It will take you to the synapse location in Main Proofreading Window.

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