3D Visualization

The user can select 3D Body View from a selected body for 3D visualization. The selected body will be colored white or if in transparent mode the body will be colored.

On the right panel besides the 2D view, you can find the buttons for opening 3D visualization windows:

  • (H) Ball Cloud: High resolution ball cloud, which visualize the surface of a body as a collection of balls.

  • (L) Ball Cloud: Low resolution ball cloud

  • (H) Mesh: High resolution body mesh

  • (L) Mesh: Low resolution body mesh

  • Skeleton: Skeletonized bodies, which must be computed in advance.

The menu bar on the top contains toggles for the viewing orientation, graph, control settings and objects. Graph mode is on and shows location of plane (arrow) currently active in 2D window. X-Y-Z axis is conveniently located in the lower left hand corner.

Keyboard and mouse are used to zoom, rotate and translate the image in the 3D window as follows:

  • Mouse wheel to zoom

  • Left click + drag to rotate

  • Shift + drag to translate up or down

NeuTu allows users to sync the body in the 3D view with the grayscale/segmentation displayed in the 2D view. By hitting the "z" key and selecting any point in the 3D body, users can go to that plane in the 2D window. The graph mode also displays the location of the grayscale plane shown in the 2D window.

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