Correcting False Splits

Neurons may be over-segmented or falsely split and proofreaders must identify and merge segments to create the neuron of interest. Three steps are required to correct false splits:

  1. Select the bodies or segments for merging

  2. Group

  3. Upload

The user’s ability to undo and the status of the body at each step is summarized in the table below.

Basic instructions for merging bodies

1. Select the body by either clicking on the body in the 2D image, double-clicking on a bookmark, or entering the body ID directly into the Go-to-Body function (short-cut for this option is F1).

2. Choose the normal view or transparent view (also called h mode) in 2D and open the 3D coarse view. Note that scrolling through z is much faster in h mode than normal view.

3. Select bodies or segments for merging by clicking directly on the segmentation or draw a bounding box around the bodies. Press Shift + r to draw a box and then press “s” to select all bodies in the bounding box. Before executing the merge, it is important to inspect the bodies in the 3D coarse body viewer. Remove any bodies that are inappropriate by clicking on the body in the 2D segmentation window. After approving the bodies for merging, click ‘m’ for merge or press <Group>.

This operation doesn’t save the result to the server. Even though the bodies are the same color, the body IDs have not been changed!

4. Click “Upload results” after approving the merge. The results will be uploaded to the server and you can not undo!

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