Some functions of NeuTu rely on customized data protocols in DVID to work. Most data will be generated automatically by NeuTu, but some of them need to be configured or uploaded manually.


There are three places related to ROIs in DVID:

  • native ROI data: each data instance of the roi data type corresponds to one ROI

  • rois: keyvalues for indexing ROI data for 3D visualization. Each key will treated be as an ROI.

  • roi_data: the place of storing ROI mesh data. Each mesh is stored with a key, which might be accompanied with <key>_info to specify additional information such as mesh format.

For example, an ROI named MB may have a roi data instance named MB, and an MB key in the rois data.

{"->": {"key": "d230e3669195ebd143d73b22011f8eec"}}

Then in the roi_data data instance, there should be a key d230e3669195ebd143d73b22011f8eec pointing to the actual mesh. If the d230e3669195ebd143d73b22011f8eec_info key does not exist, the mesh is supposed to be stored as the obj format; otherwise, it may specify the format of the roi mesh, such as the following one for the draco format:

{"format": "drc"}

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