Eager to try something COOL?

Interested in improving the largest connectome to date by yourself? Here are the instructions!

For any questions, please contact Ting Zhao (zhaot@janelia.hhmi.org)


  • Active DVID database that supplies the hemibrain dataset. Visit dvid.io for more instructions.

  • A modern Linux/Mac machine with a mainstream Graphics card

    • Make sure the machine can connect to the database

Install NeuTu

curl -X GET https://raw.githubusercontent.com/janelia-flyem/NeuTu/master/neurolabi/shell/setup_neutu.sh > setup_neutu.sh
bash setup_neutu.sh <install_dir> neutu

Note: <install_dir> is the path to where NeuTu will be installed. It is preferred to be a non-existing or empty directory.

Start NeuTu


Load Dataset from DVID

You can follow the instructions from Get Started to open a dataset in NeuTu. You can also copy and paste the following settings to NeuTu after replacing <grayscale_uuid> with the actual grayscale UUID, assuming that the segmentation/synapse data are hosted on localhost:8000 with and the grayscale data are hosted on localhost:8001 with uuid <grayscale_uuid>. For different server addresses, you need to replace the address settings accordingly.

  "address": "localhost",
  "port": 8000,
  "name": "local_test",
  "default": false,
  "segmentation": "segmentation",
  "uuid": "52a1",
  "proofreading": true,
  "synapse": "synapses",
  "supervised": false,
  "@grayscale": [
      "address": "localhost",
      "port": 8001,
      "background": 0,
      "gray_scale": "grayscale",
      "default": false,
      "uuid": "<grayscale_uuid>"

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