Get Started

Launch NeuTu

Assuming that NeuTu is installed under <install_dir>, you can launch it from the terminal:

$ <install_dir>/bin/neutu

For example, Janelia workstation users run the following command to launch NeuTu

$ /groups/flyem/data/shared/bin/neutu

Load A Dataset

Open the DVID Server dialog by clicking on the <Start> button. Every database is associated with a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID). Users can select a database using the drop-down menu under Server, or enter the port number and UUID directly. For convenience, the UUID and other database info are also displayed.


  • Server: predefined or saved names of DVID settings, except 'Custom', which is for unsaved settings;

  • Address: DVID server host followed by the port;

  • UUID: DVID uuid;

  • Use production settings from DVID: default settings of the node will be loaded if it is checked;

  • Segmentation: segmentation name;

  • Grayscale: grayscale name;

  • Synapse: synapse name;

  • Tile (Outdated): tile name, which can be ignored if grayscale data is good enough for display. The checkbox of 'low quality' provides a hint about the quality of the tile data;

  • ROI: roi name.

Advanced settings

In Advanced Settings, you can set the grayscale source separately. Note the name of the grayscale data can be only specified in the main setting dialog. You can change the dvid server supplying the grayscale data by checking off the 'Same as the main source' checkbox. The change will not affect other data sources. Another important field in this dialog is 'Use Librarian', which sets the librarian address for locking/unlocking bodies during collaborative proofreading.

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