Body Annotations

After proofreading a body, users can edit the proofreading status or other biological information about the body/neuron.

How to annotate a body

Select a body and choose ‘Annotate’ from the right click menu. The body annotation window opens.

The selected body will be locked when the body annotation dialog is open and unlocked automatically after the dialog close.

Where are the annotations stored?

All the annotations will be stored as key-value pairs under the keyvalue data <segmentation>_annotations. Each key of annotation is the corresponding body ID and its value is a JSON object representing the annotation.


    "user": "zhaot", 
    "body ID": 1414845661, 
    "primary neurite": "PDM04", 
    "class": "Delta0L", 
    "status": "Roughly traced", 
    "comment": "hemi brain whole 20K to 30K", 
    "naming user": "zhaot", 
    "instance": "Delta12g_R"

Due to a legacy issue, the data name is annotations instead of <segmentation>_annotations when the segmentation name is bodies.

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